Allegedly taking Afghan woman out of the house

Some Afghan women who have been vocal about women’s rights have complained of harassment. Last

Wednesday night, a woman in Kabul posted a video on social media reporting that armed Taliban

members were visiting her home.

The name of the woman who posted the video is Tamana Zaraibi Pariyani. She joined a few more

women last week in a procession demanding the right to work and education.


Taliban police fired pepper spray to disperse them. Several
have complained that they have been given electric shocks.
The protesters returned home after the incident. Many feared they were being followed.
Then last Wednesday night, armed Taliban members came to Tamana’s house
in Parwan-2 area of ​​Kabul. Only Tamana and a few of her sisters were at home then.

"Please help," Tamana pleaded in a video post on social media as gunmen 
continued to knock on doors. The Taliban came to my house. 
My sisters are also at home. In the video, he is heard saying, 
"We don't want you here now. Come tomorrow. We can talk tomorrow.

Later, Tamana and her sisters were not seen in the house.
There was a boot print in front of the front door.
Neighbors say a group of armed men took them away.

The Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan on 
August 15 last year after the withdrawal of US-led Western troops. 
These radical Islamist forces are from their earlier period
Although not like that, some issues including education have 
already imposed control over women's rights.
Although few in number, some women have become vocal 
against it. One of them is Tamana. Since the Taliban took power, 
Afghan women have complained that they are now being held captive in 
their own homes.

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