Can You Make Money Using Photoshop

Can You Make Money Using Photoshop

You probably already know that Adobe Photoshop is great for making your digital and online images look more professional. But do you know how to make money with Photoshop? Learn to use Photoshop to make a profit. With the growing prominence of digital photography, the use and popularity of photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop has increased.

Of course, learning Photoshop is not easy. You really have to dedicate yourself to learning the ins and outs of the software. More than just technical skills, you need to be creative if you want to excel with Photoshop. Any good Photoshop tutorial will tell you how to edit your image, how to add attractive framing and borders and how you can work with different layers and masks to give your image that professional look. What the standard tutorial does not tell you is that you can use Photoshop for some money.

Can You Make Money Using Photoshop

Still, learning to harness the power of Photoshop can be very rewarding. Mastering the visual graphics field in Photoshop can give you a decent income. Strong editing and creative skills in Photoshop can open up career prospects for you, whether you want to do it on a full-time basis or as a part-time business. Here are some ways to make money using Photoshop;

Start a photo editing

1. Start a photo editing service One potential business you can start with is offering digital image editing and image optimization services. You basically take less than the perfect digital photo of the client and turn it into a masterpiece. As a “photo doctor” you can remove unwanted people and objects from a photograph, insert someone or something into a photograph, repair extra- or under-published photos, and change color photos to black and white (and vice versa). Or you can Something basic like removing red eyes from a photo. You can adjust the color, change the background, adjust the contrast, and increase the size. The key is to offer high quality work at a reasonable price.

Write a Photoshop tutorial

2. Write a Photoshop tutorial. Depending on the length and quality of your tutorials, you can write and sell your tutorials on article sites or article directories anywhere from $ 10 to $ 100. Be prepared to write a tutorial of at least 1,000 words with detailed and step-by-step screenshots. Examples of tutorial topics may include photo effects / manipulation, contemporary web layout design, special effects or filter effects. You can use sites like, or find freelance job postings from sites that require content in Photoshop.

tutorial site

3. Create a tutorial site and make money through advertising. You can also create your own blog or website where you publish your written tutorials and monetize the site with ads. You can use relevant ad links like Google AdSense, a banner-ad network like BurstMedia, or a combination of different ad models and networks.

4. Create video tutorials.

You can also earn by creating a video version of your Photoshop tutorial.

You can monetize it by advertising or by joining ad programs like the

YouTube Partner Program.

You can sell your tutorials from a website through popular third party

programs like Clickbank or Plimus.

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