How to Give Away Amazing Content and Still Boost Your Sales

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How to Give Away


Content and

Still Boost

Your Sales

A question many beginning marketers ask is “Well, if I give away all my great stuff in my email

campaign, how can I teach at a higher level that they’ll be able to get more?”

Again, this goes back to being an expert. If you look at what I do, I might have 500 or 1k different topics

that I can teach at a high level in 30 minutes to an hour.

We can measure maybe 500 hours worth of in-depth information. No matter how well I pad my email

campaign, anyone who is in my email campaign in the first 30 days will probably still only get 3 hours,

maybe 4 hours worth of information. I can give my very, very best information in those first 30 days, and

give people 4 hours of information, which is 75% of what I teach at the highest level. And I still have

99.25% more information that they can learn at a really high level.


Again, this goes back to your skill level. If you’re only an expert on two small topics, I can understand

your hesitation, your hesitancy, to give it to your email campaign. Here’s what I suggest instead of trying

to find ways to get people to give as little as possible to email campaigns. Instead, spend the next 60 days

trying to become the highest level of expert you possibly can be in that time.

Then you will be able to offer your entry level customers a higher level email campaign than your



What do we do in our sales letter?

Well, we do exactly the same thing. We’re going to scratch the pain: we’re going to say

“Are you frustrated that you’re experiencing this problem?” “Is that a problem for you?”

“Are you upset or angry that you can’t solve this problem?”


“If so, I have the solution for you!”

“Here’s how the solution works.”

“What will it do for you.”

“That way it will solve your problem.”

Then you’re a closed lead. People are buying your product, not for how wonderful it is, but for its ability

to relieve pain. People keep reading your emails for the power to continue removing the pain.

People keep downloading items from you because your items keep relieving the pain.

As long as your training continues to provide pain relief for people,

people will continue to buy from you.

But as soon as your products start to appease people instead of solving their problems, people stop buying from you.

What I’ve shared with you here is how you’re going to emotionally and strategically bridge the gap between potential pain and your proposed solution.


If we just do a quick review:

All you have to do is find out what people’s deepest pains are

You won’t find it at the entry level by searching the web or entering forums.

Yes, I recommend those things for the very basic level of creating your initial squeeze page

But to really dig deep, you need to ask the people who have taken steps to become customers. Find out what their deepest needs are.

Then, in your free downloads, in your email campaigns, in any promotional material that you put out…

... be it an audio, video or print...

… You’re going to dig into that pain, and show people how, by taking action with you, you’re going to be able to take that pain away.

When you do this consistently, through your materials and campaigns, you are able to effectively bridge the gap between pain and solution.

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