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Computer technology


Information technology has turned today’s world into a global

village. The political, social and economic context is changing with

the way we live in this modern communication system. Computer

technology is the key to moving forward with these changing times.

Reading computer technology is not an option if you want to

become a self-reliant person in a technology dependent world.

Eligibility for admission: Passed SSC / Equivalent Examination with

GPA 2.00 from any group. Students who have passed any year can

Workplaces of Computer Engineering:* There are job opportunities

for Assistant Programmer in Computer Software Companies in the

country and abroad.* There is a lot of potential for hardware

* There are job opportunities in Maintenance and IT Officer in various government

and private banks.* There are many job opportunities in Graphics

Designer, Hardware Engineering, Animation Programmer and

Network Engineering in various Print Media and Electronics

Media.* Currently there are a lot of job opportunities in any mobile

company and wireless company.* There are numerous job

opportunities for junior instructors in private polytechnics and

instructors in vocational institutes.  Labs required to study

computer technology** Computer Lab-1 (Advanced

Software)**Computer Lab-2 (Network)** Computer Lab-3

(Computer of Drafting)** Hardware lab** Electrical Lab**

Electronics Lab We can easily create employment using computer

technology. Computer operation The 05 (five)

month term “Computer Operation” course under the Bangladesh

Technical Education Board is conducted at this institution. The

trainees of the said course were admitted against a total of 160 seats.

Two sessions of the year are conducted in January-June and July-

December. Advantages:

– a) One man, one PC usage b) Full time internet c) Multimedia

classroom d) Air-conditioned classroom. E) Arrangement of virtual

class f) Full time power system g) Conducting classes through TTC’s

IT certified trainer and accessory. H) Conduct training in CBT&A

system. I) To follow NTVQF level. Establishment of polytechnic

institutes in 23 districts 01. Project Name: Establishment of

Polytechnic Institute in 23 districts02. Project Objectives:

i) Expansion of TVET education and training by setting up polytechnic institutes in

the 23 districts of Bangladesh where there

are no government polytechnic institutes.

ii) To create skilled manpower to meet the challenges of current and future

job market demand at home and abroad.

iii) 4 (four) year term diploma-in-engineering course; Electrical,

Mechanical, Fashion Design, Ceramic, Civil, Leather, Automobile,

Computer Science & Technology, Architecture & Interior Design,

Fisheries, Shipbuilding, Plastics & Polymers, Renewable & Green

Energy, Film Making & Animation, Food, Agriculture Engineering,

Printing & Design, Furniture, Tourism & Hospitality Management,

Surveying, , Introducing Marine, Electronics, Mechatronics and

Aircraft Maintenance technology. iv) Every year (50 × 4 × 2 × 23) =

9200 students (50 students per technology in each shift) will be

admitted in 23 polytechnic institutes.

v) To create necessary infrastructure, manpower recruitment and

other physical facilities for conducting full functioning of 23

Polytechnic Institutes.

What is information and communication technology and its

advantages and disadvantages**What is information and

communication technology?

The present age is the country of information technology.

Information technology usually means keeping or using

information. This is called information technology or IT.

apply. Students who have passed HSC (Vocational) will get the

opportunity to be admitted in the 4th phase in vacant seats through

credit transfer. Students who have passed HSC (Science) will get the

opportunity to be admitted in the 3rd phase in vacant seats.


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